Friday, March 28, 2014

What is a *Taglock*?

In my previous post

Wicca and Blood, Bodily Fluids and Sacrifice

I mentioned *taglocks* and touched on just one or two things that could be used. However, here is an excellent article on taglocks by Patti Wigington over on You will note in the first part of her article, she does list bodily fluids and other human parts as being *execellent* taglocks. However, WiseCraft Wicca does not incorporate bodily fluids or human parts other than perhaps a fingernail or hair strand. Other than those exceptions, this article gives excellent ideas on what to use as a magickal link or taglock.

Bright Blessings and Blessed Be,
Rayven Michaels

What is a Taglock?

By Patti Wigington


In some traditions of magic, you may see the word "taglock" used. A taglock is a magical link to an individual. For example, in poppet magic, you would use a taglock inside the doll to identify the person to be targeted by the spell. Ideally, a good taglock is one that is strongly connected to the individual -- but in a magical emergency, you can use other things as well.

Excellent Taglocks:  (click here for full article)

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