Saturday, September 27, 2014

Alpha Gal Dangers - Served Beef by Mistake

My Alpha Gal Allergy keeps me ever on my toes. Today we frequented our favorite Mexican restaurant. It is my *comfort food* that I reach too when times are stressful and it has been one truly stressful week.

Today I ordered a cheese enchilada and chile relleno platter. I thought that would be a nice change from chicken. Me eating chicken all the time make me feel sort of like Forest Gump eating Bubba Gump Shrimp - boiled, fried, stewed... you know the drill if you've seen the movie. :)

Anyway, as I was gabbing at hubs, I took a big bite of what was supposed to be my cheese enchilada, only horror of horrors, I found myself gnoshing on a big mouthful of beef and cheese enchilada. I know, I should have been more careful and looked at it before it went in my mouth but I was in unwind mode.

Six hours have passed now and no hive episode so I think I'm in the clear. Phew! But I'm keeping the epi pen close at hand just in case....

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