Sunday, July 28, 2013

Framing Pagan Pride -- prepare for those awkward questions

And here is another wonderful article that discusses "framing" the pagan argument.  We have all had that awkward moment when someone non-pagan jokingly says "so do you guys worship the devil or what?" or "do you guys do blood sacrifice?"  If you haven't had this moment yet, trust me, you will or one very like these.

Check out this excellent article that will set you up to respond to those awkward questions. Enjoy!

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Pagan In Paradise: Wiccans, It Is Time To Stop Splaining

This is a very interesting article. Enjoy!
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Pagan In Paradise: Wiccans, It Is Time To Stop Splaining: “Thou does protest to much”, is an old saying that goes directly to the heart of the traditional discourse between ma...

Fantastic time at Lammas Ritual

Had a really fantastic time at Lammas Ritual. It was pretty sweltering but we had the shade of the trees and after enough sweating, you feel even the tiniest of breezes on your wet skin.  Ritual was simple and easy and then drumming afterwards. Many thanks to the guitarist/drummer and to the tambourine wielder. You guys were awesome.  I definitely need wrestle my drum out of the closet to polish up on using it.  

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Community Lammas/Lughnasadh Ritual and Gathering

Yesterways will be hosting a Community Lammas/Lughnasadh Ritual and Gathering.  Check out our WitchVox listing for details. (click here

To get all the latest news on our community events, be sure to visit and "like" our  Yesterways Academy of WiseCraft or  Muskogee Area Pagans  pages on FaceBook.  To get specific location details, request to become a member of the Muskogee Area Pagan secret group. Also visit our sister community's Facebook page McAlester Pagans.

Rayven Michaels

Words to Live By - Do You Know What Yours Are?

When a person follows a pre-constructed religious path, all the tenants of faith are laid out for them and they have but to apply them to th...