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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 24 Count Down to Funky 55

Today is funky and functional. When it is hot outside and you're in the sun, you have to take care of yourself.  Drink plenty of fluids so you don't dehydrate. I do that with iced tea. Obviously, water would be the very best but I've gotten a bit off track. Gatorade is good too since and I especially like the lemon one.

I used to be a sun bather and get all tan and deeply browned. But I stopped that in my middle twenties. I think it has been very beneficial to me since people tell me often that I look 10 years younger than I am. Maybe they are buttering me up but usually not.

This outfit is far from *sexy* but like I said, today the funky fashion is about functional. The hat is to shield my eyes, nose and cheeks from the sun. The hat came from the Dollar Tree behind me. For $1, you can't beat it. I have this light one and a brown one, so I have fashion options. As for the outfit, it is almost shameful to admit but I have had it for TWENTY YEARS! I couldn't believe when I thought it through! The pants have some elastic in addition to the zipper and snap so they have been able to fluctuate with me through the years in my various weights. The shirt is a keepsake from my trip to the Bahamas when daughter was only 3. That is how I figured out this outfit was 20 years old. Well, the hat is new as in purchased just before this photo and the shoes are a recent purchase also. I guess you could say, if it isn't broke why fix it? Or you could just say lazy hoarder. I truly don't mean to be but sometimes stuff gets shoved in the back of the closet or put in storage. When I moved all my stuff out of the old house into the new house, stuff bubbled back out that I hadn't seen in a long time. The shirt and pants were two of those things. Lots of stuff needs to go. Maybe that will be my next blogging journey. Only I probably need to create a separate blog for that. This is my Witchy blog and here I am all up in fashion. So, why do that on this blog? Because it is part of my journey to be who I am and that is part of being a Witch -- shedding the need to fit in with others for the sake of fitting in. Daring to be an individual. I suppose it is also a natural part of aging where we care less about the opinions of others and more about living and enjoying life without hindrances.

Although you can't see it, I completed this outfit with a healthy slathering of coconut oil on face and arms for natural sunscreen. The less chemicals I have on me or in me, the happier I am. Now that WILL be part of this blog and it fits very nicely with my Witchy path.  I used my coconut oil plain but for an amped up sunscreen benefits, there are many recipes making making natural sunscreen using coconut oil and other ingredients including essential oils for fragrance. Check out some of these recipes:

And that is it for Day 24 funky fashion Count Down to Funky 55.

Bright Blessings and Blessed Be!
Rayven Michaels

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