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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Words to Live By - Do You Know What Yours Are?

When a person follows a pre-constructed religious path, all the tenants of faith are laid out for them and they have but to apply them to their life. However, when one creates their own spiritual path, they have to determine the tenants they live by on their own. Do you know what words you live by and why? Here is my list at this point in time of my life:

  • Do that Which is Right (Blog post: coming soon)
  • Do as you will if it harm naught, but if it harm some, then do as you ought (Blog post: The Nuances of Harm None; In this article I address differing views of Harm None, my views on Harm None, guns, hunting and meat eating)
  • Just Enough (Blog post: coming soon)
I will address each of the tenants above in depth in separate blog posts dedicated to each and link them here. As of time of writing this post, I have previously written a blog post on the Nuances of Harm None which I have linked to above, 

Until the blog post comes, briefly in regards to Do that Which is Right, every situation has a *right* way to handle it but what that right way is may be different depending on the filters, life experiences and tenants of the person viewing the issue at hand. What is *right* to the greatest degree may not be pleasing to all parties in a situation. Occasions where 100% of the parties are 100% pleased is often not possible and the rare instances where it does occur would be cause for great celebration.

Just Enough means exactly that. Whatever remedy you take to solve an issue should be *just enough* to deal with the situation and no more. 

Bright Blessings and may those you pray to watch over you,
Merry Meet and Merry Part
Rayven Michaels
Wiccan Witch of the Midwest