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Monday, May 19, 2014

Curses and How to Deal With Them

One of the things that people frequently ask me about is curses and how to lift them. The thing about curses in my experience has been that they get most of their power from the person who is cursed more so than the person who cursed them.  This is why I say that, for a curse to work, it has to be fed energy and generally a person doing a curse does it in a fit of anger, a burst that spikes and fades away. It's not to say there aren't powerful magickal practitioners out there that can do long term curses but that level of magickal worker isn't a dime a dozen and the chances of you running across one is slim. And yet we have people that claim to be cursed and genuinely suffering from consequences of the curse they believe to be on them. Why? Because they *believe* in the curse and therefore, are the source of the energy that feeds the curse. Even more ironic is that this is true even if no one else cursed them. In other words, if a person believes they have been cursed, they are cursed. The mind is a very powerful thing and all things begin with a thought. Therefore, when we think something strongly enough, we make it manifest. Many people believe something about themselves so strongly that it is true.  As a worldly example, there are people who believe so strongly they have an illness they will suffer the symptoms of that illness even when they don't have it. These people are called hypochondriacs. Such people can be treated with placebos or sugar pills with no medicinal value but because they believe it to be a cure for their ailment, they will be cured.

Sometimes curses are self evoked when a string of conditions prompts a person to draw the conclusion they have been cursed. They will say things like *I'm unlucky in love* or *I'm unlucky* or *nothing good ever happens for me* or *just my luck - if I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all* or *bad things all ways happens in threes so there is more coming*.

All that being said, it isn't a far stretch then for someone who hears an actual curse uttered at them to be terror stricken regarding the consequences, which is exactly what gives the curse its power. The more the cursed person ruminates on the curse, the thoughts they have manifest making it a self-fulling prophecy.

How to break a curse? Stop believing in it. Change your thoughts and break its power. Generally a regimen of positive affirmations will break it if you sincerely believe them.

In summary, the power of a curse or blessing depends on what the people involved believe.  If they believe that the curse or blessing passes to them, that is what their mind manifests because thoughts are things and draw to you through the Law of Attraction what you believe.  For instance, if you say it is a hideous world and nothing good ever happens to you, you will have a horrible, miserable life full of bad things because that is what you expect and therefore, that is what you get.  However, if you believe life is easy breezy and always something good happening every where in every thing because you are blessed because your Great-Great-Great Great (however far back) Grandmother blessed her whole family line, then it will be so because you believe in it.

Bottom line, whether we're talking blessings or curses, the power comes from belief of the target person -- nothing more.

Bright Blessings and Blessed Be!
Rayven Michaels