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Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Moon Energies in Aquarius

When the Sun and the Moon line up, there is no illumination on the moon, thus creating a dark or new moon.  I think this quote sums up the New Moon energies very well: "The New Moon is a time to plant seeds for the future, an energetic doorway to pull in what you'd like to make real in your life.

In general, you want to start things during the New Moon that you want to manifest between now and the Full Moon.  The New Moon is a time of new beginnings and planting new (magickal) seeds.  It is a good time to set goals, revisit existing ones, and begin new projects.  Each lunar cycle is influenced by a particular astrological sign.  Working with the influences of each astrological sign can enhance your abilitiy to manifest what you want.

The sign for this New Moon is Aquarius which is ruled by the element Air.  So, this New Moon is a good time to work with things in the mental realm such as ideas and intentions.

New Moon Blessings!

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