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Monday, January 28, 2013

January Full Moon Correspondences

January is named after the Roman God Janus.  However, the January Full Moon is known by a variety of names:
  • Cold Moon
  • Wolf Moon
  • Old Moon
  • Storm Moon
  • Moon after Yule
  • Snow Moon
  • Ice Moon
  • Quiet Moon
  • Chaste Moon
  • Moon of Little Winter


Element: Air
Colors: Black and white, silver, brilliant white, blue-violet, violet, lilac, black
Stones: Hematite, garnet, onyx, jet, chrysoprase
Nature Spirits: gnomes, brownies
Trees: Birch, Hazel
Herbs: Marjoram, Holy Thistle, nuts, seeds and pine cones
Flowers: Snowdrop, crocus
Scents: Musk, mimosa, oakmoss
Animals: Fox, coyote
Birds: Pheasant, blue jay
Deities: Freyja, Inanna, Sarasvati, Hera, Ch'ang-O Sinn, Juno, Pax, Venus, Antu, Janus

In the Celtic Tree Calendar: 
January 1 – 20: Birch
Associated with new beginnings, the birth/rebirth of the sun, protection, and purification.
January 21 -31: Rowan
Associated with the coming of new life born from the dark of winter, protection, and strength.

Power Flow: Sluggish, below the surface; beginning and conceiving. Protection, reversing spells. Conserving energy by working on personal problems that involve no one else. Getting your various bodies to work smoothly together for the same goals.

This is a good time to work on magic related to protection, both physical and spiritual. Use this time to develop your inner self, and advance spiritually, becoming closer to the higher aspects of your deities.

Projects to make:
Moon Candle (from about.com)
Moon Braid (from About.com)

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